september 10 on 10

Sept 11, 2001.

I still remember it so clearly. On my way to school. A month before my 16th birthday. I was witnessing a devastating historical event. I remember the permeating smell. The gray cloud of never ending dust along the horizon. The constant replay of those life altering moments.

This day sneaks up on me every year. It’s so easy to put those images in the back of my mind. The memorial and Freedom Tower are now just an everyday part of the NYC landscape.


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Valena David - Thank you both <3!

Erin - These are just beautiful Valena. Your work always blows me away. Even the simplest subject, you make amazing.

Christy W - It’s still hard to fathom for me! Being out here in MI, it’s still so weird to see images of the towers and to think how they are gone. Gorgeous images of the skyline. Can’t even fathom being that close to have seen any of it!

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